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What you say about stewarding with Oxfam

Hear what stewarding with Oxfam means to a few of our festival stewards.

Stewarding is...

"Stewarding is, quite simply, the best way to experience a festival. The sense of shared purpose with your fellow stewards added to the satisfaction of knowing that you've made a difference through Oxfam makes the experience all the better."

David Amos, Oxfam volunteer steward

"Stewarding is a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience. It's a fantastic way to gain a new set of skills, as well as raising money for a great cause, meeting a new and diverse bunch of people and catching some amazing live music."

Colin Daffern, Oxfam volunteer steward

"Stewarding for me and my partner is about being the eyes and ears of a festival, to help and care for the many people that attend these events. Always ready to help and assist in a calm way. 20 years on and we still love to be part of a fantastic team - for that, Oxfam, we thank you."

Rich and Alison, Oxfam volunteer stewards

"Stewarding is spending time in a field with random people who turn out to be great friends. Also, getting to wear an attractive hi-vis vest, using a radio and a megaphone and seeing happy people and great music!"

Anne Grange, Oxfam volunteer steward

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"Stewarding is the way forward. Free festival tickets and fab friends; fun in the sun and raves in the rain - summer will never be the same again."

Kelly-Ann Simister, Facebook, Oxfam volunteer steward

@OxfamStewards "Well organised and good fun with great people. Makes festivals even more enjoyable with the knowledge it's all for a good cause."

@fellboy, Twitter, Oxfam volunteer steward

@OxfamStewards  "Easily one of the most rewarding, enjoyable and enriching weekends of my life...met great people too - Stewards & Punters!!"

@folkdeejay, Twitter, Oxfam volunteer steward

@OxfamStewards "Friendly & best way to enjoy festivals, fantastic if you're on a budget or want to learn and little more about how they run."

@tomalfie, Twitter, Oxfam volunteer steward

@OxfamStewards "Great way to give something back to the festival scene, make some money for Oxfam, and meet loads of lovely people."

@ColinMiceli, Twitter, Oxfam volunteer steward

@OxfamStewards "It's an amazing time at some 1st class festivals, making great friends and gaining skills to use in other areas of my life."  

@jgjrichards, Twitter, Oxfam volunteer steward