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To take on Trailtrekker 2015 there are just a few things that you'll need: some details about who will be in your team, who will form your Support Crew and what your team fundraising target will be. Then get ready to start your adventure…

How to enter

1. Confirm your team's details

To enter Trailtrekker 2015, teams are required to submit the following information via the sign up form:

  • The team leader's name and contact details (the team leader is the person who completes the sign up form and is the main point of contact with Oxfam)
  • The names and email addresses of the three remaining team members
  • The name and email address of your Support Crew leader (all teams require a Support Crew, unless you are taking the Full Support Package.

Please note that you will be able to edit team roles and contact details at a later date if necessary.

Team members must be 18 years or over on event day.

2. Decide on your team's fundraising pledge

As a team you must pledge to raise a minimum of £1,500 to take part in the challenge, however on average each team raises over £2,000. Once you've signed up we'll provide you with fundraising guides and resources to help you reach your fundraising goal.

When you complete the sign up form you'll be asked to pick your team's fundraising target, which you can always change at a later date. Each fundraising target has associated rewards to keep you motivated - be sure to check these out before you decide on your fundraising pledge.

3. Your team's entry fee

The cost of entering a team into Trailtrekker depends on when you do it. To save up to £60 on the entry fee, get your team in before one of our early bird deadlines. All the prices are outlined below, and you can see what's included here


Available until

Cost per team of 4

Cost per team member

Early Bird 1 discount

Until 14/12/14



Early Bird 2 discount

Until 15/02/15




Until 30/04/15



Full Support Package

Set price only 

£275 (in addition to the standard entry fee)

Additional £68.75 per person

The entry fee goes towards covering the logistical costs for Oxfam putting on the event. It is non-refundable or transferable, and is not included in reaching your teams fundraising target.

If you're interested in the Full Support Package, check out the full details about what it includes and costs.

4. Submitting the entry form

The first stage of the sign up processes requires you to submit your team's details and confirm your fundraising pledge via the sign up form. You will then be diverted to a payment page, where you will pay your team's entry fee. Please note that your team's place in the challenge will not be secure until you have paid your entry fee.

If you experience any problems during the sign up or payment process then please give us a call on 0300 200 1244 - we will be happy to help.

Once you have paid your entry fee then you're all signed up and can start preparing for the challenge ahead. We look forward to seeing your team on the start line!

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