Full support package


Every Trailtrekker team will need support throughout the challenge. Most teams will recruit friends and family as Support Crew, however we also have 50 Full Support Package (FSP) spaces available, where Oxfam will step in to act as your support for the challenge.

The Full Support Package is ideal for teams who are struggling to find a Support Crew, or for companies entering multiple teams. With this option you can focus more on the training and fundraising without having to coordinate logistics.

How it works

What Oxfam will coordinate

  • Dedicated event staff will coordinate your logistics along the way
  • The team will securely transfer your bag ahead of you between checkpoints
  • Designated Oxfam volunteers will be on hand at each checkpoint to help and assist your team
  • Access to an exclusive lit and heated FSP tent at all checkpoints, with tables, chairs and space to relax with your team. Perfect for the later stages during the night, or to provide shelter in the event of rain
  • Transport back to Skipton if any of your team needs to retire en-route
  • Full use of all the standard checkpoint facilities, such as first aid and massage.

Food and drink provided

Nourishing and hearty menu designed specifically for an outdoors endurance event. Example menu below:

  • CP1: Packed lunch (sandwich, apple, fruit juice, piece of cake and chocolate bar)
  • CP2: Root vegetable stew and roll
  • CP3: Main event meal (e.g. chicken stroganoff)
  • CP4: Breakfast rolls (hot bacon, sausage or egg rolls)
  • Drinks provided: Hot tea and coffee at every checkpoint*

* Please note that you will need to bring any additional snacks and drinks you require

What your team will need to do

  • Arrange your team's transport to registration at the starting area in Skipton
  • Check in your bags* which contain everything you'll need for the challenge (all snacks and drinks, spare footwear, waterproofs, first aid kit etc)
  • Arrange transport from the finish line at Skipton. It is recommended that you stay in the area to ensure that you are well rested before travelling home. Alternatively, take public transport or arrange to be picked up by friends or family.

* A maximum of two sturdy 75 litre kit bags (no carrier bags, storage boxes etc)

How to enter

There are only 50 places available and in the past the package has sold out quickly - if you would like to take advantage of the offer we advise signing up soon as possible. Please note that the FSP is only available for teams entering the Gold (100km) challenge.

The FSP costs £275 (£68.25 per team member), which is paid in addition to your entry fee. The price of the FSP is easily covered if you consider the costs your team would incur by providing your own Support Crew - accommodation, food, petrol and car hire soon add up.

Signing up for the FSP means that once you have paid your entry fee you can focus on the core elements of the challenge - the training and fundraising - safe in the knowledge that everything else will be taken care of. Past teams have really appreciated the support they've received along the way:


"We were particularly grateful to the Full Support Package team and the volunteers who helped keep us going when we were flagging a little. They were all remarkably kind, cheerful and supportive and helped motivate us all the way round."

    Jonathon Crossfield, Winton's Walkers