The Challenge

Trailtrekker is the 100km challenge of a lifetime and will test your teamwork and determination to the limit.

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Trailtrekker: The Challenge

30 - 31 May 2015

Your team of four has just 30 hours to cover a 100km course that climbs more than Ben Nevis and Snowdon put together!

Trailtrekker is probably the toughest - and most incredible - challenge you'll ever take on, but you'll be achieving something astonishing for a great cause, and it'll be worth every step.

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The Trailtrekker route

100km. A nice round number, but difficult to put into perspective.

It's 62.2 miles - the equivalent of walking nearly two and a half marathons back to back, or walking from Leeds to Scarborough non-stop. It's tough, but it's within your reach. The Trailtrekker route starts and ends in Skipton, via the stunning moorland, fells, and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales.


A test of teamwork

Trailtrekker is all about teamwork. The four of you will need to push, motivate and encourage each other from start to finish. Training before the event will build your team dynamic and spirit. You'll work out your strengths and weaknesses, so by the time Trailtrekker comes around you'll be ready and able to pull together to achieve something astonishing.

Each Trailtrekker team has a Team Leader, who'll be the main point of contact between Oxfam and your team. You'll also need a Support Crew - friends and family who'll meet you along the route to provide supplies and encouragement. Worried about getting a Support Crew together? Don't be - find out about our Full Support Package.

People are from all around the UK are testing their teamwork skills by signing up to Trailtrekker, and you can see the teams from your area here.


A fundraising challenge


In 2013 Trailtrekker raised an incredible £750,000. In 2014 we're aiming for £1M. The average Trailtrekker team raises over £2,000.

Trailtrekker isn't just a physical challenge. When you sign up to Trailtrekker you'll commit to a fundraising pledge, and we'll provide you with guidance and advice on how to meet that pledge. Aim high - Trailtrekker is a huge challenge and you'll be amazed by the support you receive!

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