The experience

Trailwalker is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, from training and fundraising right through to the finish line and reaching your fundraising target.

Team 'Footsore Four' briefly became a team of three - Aggie, Dee and Kent - before joining up with another team for Trailtrekker 2013. Here, Aggie tells us about their experience. 

Our team

I entered a team with my brother and sister. It was a great experience for us - it definitely bought us closer together as a family. Unfortunately we lost our fourth team member due to injury at the last minute, but luckily Oxfam joined us up with another team who had also lost a couple of teammates. On the morning of the event we crossed the start line as a team of 5!

It was great walking with our new team mates as getting to know them meant we never ran out of conversation. 50km in, just as night had fallen, we adopted another walker into our team. The amazing thing is that we stayed together the whole way and crossed the finish line as a team of 6 - we had to change our team name to the Waifs and Strays!


Training and Fundraising


We found that each taking a personal responsibility for a share of the fundraising helped us to hit our target - it felt much more achievable. The old classics like cakes sales and a sweepstake worked like a charm for me. One tip is to use social media during the challenge itself - by posting videos on Facebook a few times during the event we raised £700 in sponsorship!

Training was a lot of fun, I got to see some beautiful places and spend time with my family. It was also so important in helping us prepare - there was a lot of kit that we would never have thought to take if we hadn't needed it on training walks. And I don't think I would have been able to make it to the finish line (almost) blister free if I hadn't used the training walks to get to know my feet!

Our Trailtrekker experience

What's it like?
It's not something to be underestimated. It's really, really hard. The toughest part is the mental challenge. Your body is exhausted and at times it's a struggle just to put one foot in front of the other - the only way to do it is stubborn determination. Amazingly, despite the pain and exhaustion, we enjoyed every bit of it.

Support crew
Our Support Crew were incredible - they always cheered us up and were so attentive. They organised a BBQ checkpoint (complete with non-alcoholic beer!) but our favourite was the rave checkpoint during the night. They met us with a boom box - wearing face paint, waving glow sticks, blowing whistles - and danced us into the checkpoint. It made us famous with other teams who later asked us if we were the people with the crazy Support Crew!

Team spirit
The team spirit you experience when you go through such a tough event is like nothing else. It didn't make a difference if we'd known each other our whole lives or 12 hours - we all helped each other through and were delighted to cross that finish line together. At the finish line I cried with happiness, relief and pride and I didn't come down from the high for about 2 weeks!

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