Pledges and rewards

Your pledge is all-important for taking on Trailwalker. Not only is it an incredible achievement on its own, but it enables Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust's vital work to continue and go further.

We know teams work hard to smash their pledges and your hard work can also earn you some great rewards.

What will you pledge?

Pledge  You get  What that money could do
£1,500 Pre-event prep session, free camping the night before the event and event meals* £1,500 could build household latrines for 10 families in a hill village in Nepal, resulting in a dramatic improvement to health and hygiene.
£2,000 All of the above and official wicking Trailwalker t-shirt for x4 team members* £2000 could construct a sand dam in rural Niger that will keep the water in the ground and keep the crops heading in the right direction.
£3,000 All of the above and commemorative photo at the finish, and additional t-shirts for x2 support crew members* £3,000 can get the water flowing again by renovating and restoring a borehole in South Sudan.
 £5,000 All of the above and a fundraising award and finish line hamper* £5,000 could improve life for coir workers in Sri Lanka by organising the trade fair that will promote their wares and boost their incomes.
 £10,000 All of the above and a behind the scenes tour of Oxfam Emergency HQ* £10,000 will pay for training sessions to encourage 2,353 girls in Burkina Faso to attend school and - ultimately - go on to better things.

* In order to receive these rewards, Oxfam must have received 80% of your minimum sponsorship by one week before the event

Raise your pledge

If you're on track to smash your target or your team want to aim even higher, you can raise your pledge by contacting us at or on 0300 200 1244. Your amazing fundraising efforts are really appreciated and can change lives around the world.