Tips and advice

Thousands of teams have taken on Trailwalker and smashed their fundraising targets. We've put together tips and resources that'll help you do the same.

The important thing is to start early and work together as a team. With some planning, motivation and creativity you'll soon get there.

Tips to kick off your fundraising

1. Start early

Take on your fundraising like your training and get going early. Year after year teams say that the earlier they got started, the easier it was to reach their target. 

2. Make a plan

Breaking down the target between your team and planning in fundraising events makes the end goal even more achievable. 

3. Fundraise online

Over 60% of teams last year used online giving pages. Set up a JustGiving page and people can sponsor you online there and then, so you don't have to ask them again, or chase for sponsorship after the event. Set up your Trailwalker JustGiving page now.

4. Tell everyone

Not everyone will know or understand the scale of the challenge you're taking on. Tell them and keep them updated: in person, on email, on Facebook or Twitter, and on your email signature. 

5. Gift Aid

Ask your sponsors to Gift Aid their donation and they could add 25p to every £1, which really adds up. And don't forget to send in your sponsor forms so we can claim Gift Aid.

6. Thank people

Thanking people publically on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to show your appreciation. It'll also remind others to sponsor you too. 

7. Put on an event

Events are a great way to boost your sponsorship. Check out some ideas below. 

8. Match funding

Does your company offer a match funding scheme for charities? Speak to your HR team to find out. Your company may be able to double the amount you raise.

Hold a fundraising event such as...

...a quiz night

"We knew the manager of a local pub, so we decided to have a quiz night there. Between the 4 of us it was easy enough to think up a few rounds of questions, some walking-themed. I made posters and we put them up at work and in the local area and we set up a Facebook event too. The more promotion you can do beforehand, the better. We'd definitely recommend selling food if you can too: we put on a small bbq in the garden too. With the food and quiz, we made nearly £300."

- Lucy, A Hikeway to Hell

...a bake sale

Photo: lotusutol / Flickr

"One of our main sources of fundraising was cake sales. We would strongly recommend running an on-going cake stall at work. We started with a few simple cakes, flapjacks etc. and very quickly built up a host of regular customers! Doing it this way obviously takes more commitment to baking, but if you can spare the time (and you will get more efficient with practice) it is well worth doing as it will result in a constant stream of small donations. Each bake sale raised between £50-£100."

- Rachel, The Mountain Pansies auction of promises

"Our most successful fundraising event by far was an auction of promises. We held it in our office (we work together) and pooled our resources. Alan designed the promo posters and we got reminders on every desk. We each approached everyone we knew to donate their skills or time; everything from a promise of a home-made cake a month to a samba lesson for 10 to a week in a holiday home. We put together a buffet lunch for everyone that came to bid, which drew a crowd. With some great lots and an auctioneer ramping up the bids, we raised more than £1500!"

- Janine, InHouse Outdoors

Downloadable resources

Download resources to help your team smash your target - everything from posters to promote your event to sweepstakes and sponsor forms. Fundraising resources

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