Where your money goes

Knowing where your money is going and the lives you're changing will help push your team on when it's tough. 

Oxfam works in 94 countries, fighting poverty around the world by responding to emergencies, through development projects and campaigns to tackle the causes of poverty.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust provides financial, medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress among Gurkha ex-servicemen and their communities in Nepal.

Tell your sponsors the difference their money can make with the costs below, by adding them to your online giving page or letting people know when you talk to them about the challenge.


Susanna's story

Meet Susanna Edwards
Susanna is a rice farmer in Liberia. She was one of 700 farmers involved in a project helping them to improve their crop yield and build sustainable livelihoods for the future. It meant making sure they were able to grow enough rice to feed their families.

And beyond that, around 7,500 people in Grand Gedeg and Rive Gee counties enjoyed greater supplies of reliable, good-quality rice at affordable prices. Before this, Susanna said the price of rice was going “up up up”. Now her crops have improved and she is working towards being completely self-sufficient. 

£7: Food for 10 days

£7 can feed a family of six for 10 days during an emergency by providing basic rations or cash vouchers.

£16: A cataract operation

£16 can pay for a cataract operation for a Gurkha in Nepal and restore the gift of sight.

£24: Allotment equipment

£24 can provide a farming family with the equipment needed to plant an allotment, improving their diet - and their income.

£50: One month’s pension

£50 could pay for one month's Welfare Pension for an elderly or infirm Gurkha ex-serviceman.

£89: One week’s care

£89 is the cost of one week's care for a resident in the Gurkhas' Residential Homes in Kaski and Dharan, Nepal.

£200: Uphold women’s rights

£200 can improve women's rights by giving legal support to a survivor of gender-based violence.