The Experience


Trailwalker is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, from training and fundraising right through to the finish line and reaching your fundraising target.

Find out how the experience of Chris, Sarah, Kevin and Steve, from Autonomy Multimedia's team '4x4', unfolded.

Training and fundraising

Our team decided that our first step would be to meet our fundraising target of £1,500 before Trailwalker itself. We wanted to host a large event to break the back of the target, so we decided to host a pop-up cinema event at The Carlton Club in Olney. We showed ARGO, which was fortuitous as [a] it had just scooped three Oscars and [b] not many people had seen it! We had an amazing turn out and raised £988.

We prepped together as a team, and built up our training as Trailwalker grew closer. It was so important in helping us prepare for the challenge ahead - we were well practiced with our kit and got to better understand our feet. Throughout our training our Support Crew's list of supplies grew longer and longer!


Team 4x4 from start to finish

As a tribute to the experience we produced a time-lapse video of the entire walk. Check out our whole journey from start to finish.

Video credit: Autonomy Multimedia

Watch the video: Team 4x4 from start to finish

Our Trailwalker experience

Saturday 6am
At 6am on the Saturday morning we set off. Our tummies were full thanks to the Gurkha breakfast and our spirits were high (even though the forecast was a bit dodgy!). We trekked throughout the day and into the night. It was exhilarating and exhausting, a little surreal but overall something that we will never forget.

We really pulled together as a team throughout the 100km - it definitely brought us closer together. You need the support of your teammates, especially when the tiredness kicks in and the dark hours seem relentless.

Our Support Crew
Our Support Crew (Ilka, Emily, Stuart and Jude) were amazing. They certainly had their challenges too - on more than one occasion they made a tent in a storm using two pieces of tarpaulin and some string! They took requests from the team and scoured villages for fish and chips, ice cream and mars bars. They were sock providers, water fillers, tea makers and general pep talk givers! We couldn't have been more appreciative.

Oxfam and the Gurkhas were there to guide, signpost, feed and generally support all of the walkers throughout the entire event. We heard on the grapevine that a team of Gurkhas ran the entire stretch in around 13 hours, doing push-ups at the finish line! We salute you.

The finish line
Our final push came at Checkpoint 10. 94km down, 6k to go. The sun was up to lift the mood, but it was sheer adrenalin that got us to the finish line after a narrow escape from an angry cow! We made it to the finish in a more than respectable 29 hours and 10 minutes. After over 30 hours of being awake, a few achy limbs and many a Compeed patch later, we had done it!

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