Trailwalker Legends


We're excited to announce the launch of our 'Trailwalker Legends' programme in 2014. It gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing commitment and hard work of Oxfam's most dedicated trekkers. 

Are you a Trailwalker legend?

Legends are amazing individuals who have taken part in five or more Oxfam 100km challenges - be it Trailtrekker in the Yorkshire Dales, Trailwalker in the South Downs or any other of the Oxfam Trailwalker events held around the world. 

Completing the 100km challenge once is a huge achievement. Managing it five or more times is astonishing. These Legends have devoted a huge amount of time and effort to Oxfam, and the money they have raised has made a big difference to people living in poverty worldwide.

Are you a Trailwalker Legend? If you have completed your fifth (or more) Oxfam 100km challenge we will soon be adding your name to a list below, so everyone can see just how far you've gone to fight poverty. In honour of your legendary status, you'll also receive a special edition surprise gift to wear at the next UK Trailwalker event you participate in.

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