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Trailwalker is a huge logistical exercise, and Oxfam relies on volunteers who donate their time to help make the event possible. We just couldn't do it without your support.

Why volunteer at Trailwalker?

Volunteering is a lot of fun. It's a great way to meet new people, or to spend time with friends and family. Trailwalker is one of Oxfam's biggest fundraising events, so you'll be volunteering alongside hundreds of people from all walks of life - it truly is an amazing experience.

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Trailwalker is incredibly tough on the walkers. It's the equivalent of walking two and a half marathons back to back, or crossing the English Channel three times. The teams are taking on this huge challenge to raise £1.5 million for Oxfam, and volunteers play a huge part in helping them achieve this goal. The challenge is as much about mental determination as it is physical ability, and each year participants tell us just how much the volunteers' support and encouragement means to them:

The atmosphere was amazing - hi-fiving the volunteers and Gurkhas makes the physical slog to get to the checkpoints totally worth it. They really lifted our flagging spirits and made our efforts feel greatly appreciated.

- Sam Trousdell, A Hikeway to hell


Volunteer roles available

Whichever role you take on, you could be saving Oxfam up to £200 - an amount that goes a long way in the fight against poverty. If you're interested in donating your time, find out how you can help below.

Checkpoint volunteers

There are 9 checkpoints along the route. We need volunteers to help set up each location, provide directions and assistance to teams and support crews, help with car parking, prepare drinks, and most importantly give encouragement to teams as they enter and leave each checkpoint.

We also need experienced event volunteers to co-ordinate each of the locations to make sure they are working smoothly and that any issues are flagged up to the organising staff or event control. This may involve managing a team of volunteers - great experience for your CV.

Specialist volunteers

We're looking for volunteers to support our medical team. If you have any physiotherapy, podiatry or massage experience then you could make a huge difference to the sore backs and feet of our walkers. It's a really rewarding role and also great practical experience if you're studying any of these areas.

If you're a budding photographer, videographer or blogger, we'd love to hear from you too. Could you help us document the 2014 Trailwalker experience?

Additional roles

We need volunteers to register teams at the start, hand out medals at the finish line and, above all, to whoop, cheer and applaud the Trailwalker teams over the start and finish lines!

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