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Volunteer at Trailwalker

Volunteering at Trailwalker is a completely unique experience: it's a lot of fun, a great way to meet new people or to spend time with your friends and family. Trailwalker is a huge physical and mental challenge for those daring enough to take it on. Our fantastic team of volunteers make all the difference when the walkers are starting to feel like they can't go on.

By volunteering at Trailwalker you'll be part of one of the most important teams along the course: The Cheer Squad. Your main role will be to encourage the walkers to keep going by cheering, dancing, singing and generally being the life and soul of the challenge. Trailwalker is one of Oxfam's largest fundraising events; it's been running for the last 14 years and keeps on getting bigger, brighter and louder!

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Why volunteer at Trailwalker?

Whichever role you take on, you could be saving Oxfam up to £200 - an amount that goes a long way in the fight against poverty. There are a million reasons why Trailwalker is an awesome event to come and volunteer at.

Not only will you be supporting 2,000 walkers take on this incredible challenge, pushing themselves to the limit in order to raise money for Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust, but it will be an unforgettable experience for you!

Having walked Trailwalker in 2013 and 2015 I know how much difference the Oxfam Team, the Gurkha's and also the Oxfam Volunteers make. For many, me included, it's the difference between finishing the event and not... It's also great fun, volunteering at Trailwalker 2016 was one of the best weekends I have ever had and I will definitely back volunteering next yea

- Dan

Volunteer roles available

As you might have guessed we the main role at Trailwalker is cheering, encouraging and inspiring the walkers to keep going. At each of the nine checkpoints we have dotted around the course we will have a team of volunteers stationed to give the walkers the welcome they deserve; this could be just cheering or it could be providing a nice cup of tea, directing them to the nearest masseuse or simply giving them a hug and telling them they can keep going.

Checkpoint volunteers

There are 9 checkpoints along the route. We need volunteers to help set up each location, provide directions and assistance to teams and support crews, help with car parking, prepare drinks, and most importantly give encouragement to teams as they enter and leave each checkpoint.

We also need experienced event volunteers to co-ordinate each of the locations to make sure they are working smoothly and that any issues are flagged up to the organising staff or event control. This may involve managing a team of volunteers - great experience for your CV.

Additional roles

We need volunteers to register teams at the start, hand out medals at the finish line and, above all, to whoop, cheer and applaud the Trailwalker teams over the start and finish lines!


Without a doubt, the best Oxfam event I've ever supported...It's fantastic fun, inspiring, definitely a bit bonkers at times and I want to do it all over again!

- Tracey

Seeing people burst into tears as they approached the finish line because of what they had achieved and the applause they were getting from random strangers (ie Oxfam) was incredibly humbling and at times very emotional... it allows you to put I bit of faith back into humanity.

- Ben

Trailwalker volunteer guide

Check out our volunteer guide for in depth information about the experience and what it will entail. From a full description of roles, to suggested kit to bring along, it's got it all.

Trailwalker Volunteer Guide

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