Door to door fundraising

  • What is door-to-door fundraising ?

    Door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective ways of recruiting regular supporters to Oxfam. Our fundraisers knock on doors to talk to people about our work and ask them to support it with a regular gift. Tens of thousands of people agree to do so every year.

    The campaign is aimed to raise funds and awareness of Oxfam's emergency response. It is a regular gift proposition which enables a donor to make regular donations to Oxfam's emergency response work around the world.

  • Why do we do Door to Door fundraising ?

    Door to door fundraising has been very successful in bringing in the ongoing regular donations we need for our work to overcome poverty and suffering to continue.

    A visit from our representatives can be a great way for people to find out more about Oxfam, and working in this way allows us to reach people who may otherwise be unaware of the work that we do. A conversation with one of our representatives gives people the opportunity to ask questions about our projects so that they can make a considered decision about whether or not to support them with a regular donation.

  • How do we do door-to-door fundraising ?

    Our ways of working are within the guidelines provided by the Fundraising Standards Board. We constantly review our practices in line with changes in the industry and feedback from the public. We work in conjunction with local councils to make sure they know when we are in their area.

    The sign up

    Our door to door fundraisers ask people to sign up for a regular donation to Oxfam's Emergency Response to support our work when an emergency hits anywhere in the world. They will be asked to sign up by filling out a direct debit form at the time. After signing up donors will receive:

    1. A copy of the Direct Debit form
    2. A 'welcome' leaflet
    3. A confirmation call within 2 weeks
  • When do our fundraisers call?

    As a member of the PFRA (Public Fundraising Regulatory Association), and of the Fundraising Standards board, our fundraisers abide by the door to door code. The code includes the times that fundraisers are allowed to approach a potential donor's doorstep. Our fundraisers work between the hours of 11am to 9pm.

  • Where do our fundraisers operate ?

    There are fundraising teams working in various cities in England and Scotland.

  • How can you identify our door-to-door fundraisers?

    Oxfam's door to door fundraisers are professional fundraisers. An external fundraising agency works on behalf of Oxfam GB, HOME fundraising - they are the largest and most established door-to-door fundraising agency in the UK. Oxfam fundraisers will be:

    1. Wearing a red jacket or t-shirt with an Oxfam logo
    2. Displaying an identification badge showing their name, photo and employee number
    3. Carrying up-to-date Oxfam literature, including welcome packs and a Oxfam Emergency Response introduction sheet
    4. Fundraisers will work alone, or in pairs if one of the fundraisers is in training.
  • How can I contact Oxfam about door-to-door fundraising?

    Email or call 0300 200 1300 during office hours (9am - 5pm Monday - Friday).