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  • Liberia: farming

    Liberia: farming

    Help feed hungry families in Liberia

    Basic training in effective new farming methods, a field-full of ultra-productive rice seeds and a reliable water supply, could be all it takes to help families to grow more food and earn a decent living.

  • Zimbabwe


    Help provide reliable electricity in Zimbabwe

    Introducing solar power can really kick-start something special - from helping to save lives in local clinics, through to increasing the income of small-scale farmers, right up to establishing community-based energy business opportunities.

  • Kenya


    Help provide clean water in Kenya

    A few pounds can help bring reliable supplies of clean, safe water to thousands of families, many of whom put their lives at risk every day, having no option but to drink from contaminated wells.

  • Bangladesh


    Help save lives in Bangladesh

    You can help give families the skills to protect themselves from increasingly frequent natural disasters, as well as give many women the confidence to earn a living for themselves.

  • Pakistan


    Help give girls in Pakistan the chance of a decent education

    Education is the key to a brighter future, and it's amazing how little it can cost to get children started on the road to learning.

  • Occupied Palestinian territory

    Occupied Palestinian territory

    Help olive farmers grow more

    Olives are the basis of many families' livelihoods, and with some training in new agricultural techniques, a little investment in machinery, and some business support, men and women could improve crop quality and establish themselves as successful business people.

  • Liberia: sanitation

    Liberia: sanitation

    Help prevent disease in Liberia

    By installing public and household toilets and sanitation facilities, you can help ensure that it's good hygiene messages that are spread around communities, rather than deadly diseases like cholera.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Help women farmers in Sri Lanka

    It doesn't cost a lot to get a poor family farming again and give women the chance to earn a decent living. And it can all be achieved with some agricultural training, irrigation, a bit of business know-how and a small amount of financial backing.