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Oxfam in Azerbaijan

Oxfam Azerbaijan helps small-scale farmers by providing a supportive environment to develop their strawberry and vegetable businesses. Photo: Rural regeneration in central Azerbaijan project.

From our staff

Shovcat Alizadeh, Oxfam's country director in Azerbaijan

 I've worked at Oxfam for almost 18 years, leading the country office in Azerbaijan. It's a privilege to be part of an organisation that helps lift people out of poverty. Over the years, I've met women farmers who have been able to increase their income and build a better life for their families, and seen how our work is strengthening governance institutions and empowering communities.

My biggest success is seeing how strawberry production has grown from a small business to a big enterprise, resulting in a positive impact on people's lives.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Azerbaijan (PDF, 293KB)

Oxfam's programme is managed by Oxfam's International Division.

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