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Oxfam in Yemen

Women in traditional, colourful dresses during distribution of Identity Cards by Oxfam staff. Tens of thousands of people in Yemen are facing a severe humanitarian crisis, widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition. Oxfam has distributed cash transfers to 12,000 households (reaching approximately 100,000 people) who are suffering from hunger so they can access food and help reduce malnutrition levels.

Deadly clashes and air strikes in Yemen, where much of the population is already reliant on aid, has seen hundreds of people killed or injured. More than half the population - 14.7 million people - are dependent on humanitarian aid. 

13 million do not have access to clean water, and 10 million Yemenis do not have enough food to eat. Oxfam is providing support to some of the worst affected. Find out more about what Oxfam is doing in Yemen and how you can help.

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Find out more about the crisis in Yemen

From our staff

Amel Alariqi, Information and Communication Officer

 My job mostly involves raising Oxfam's profile in Yemen. It allows me to interview people and feel their suffering, their patience and their determination to overcome their pain and survive. I'm proud that this position has allowed me to tell stories of individuals who feel invisible and voiceless, and whose suffering is very much a reflection of society as a whole.

I enjoy the fact that people in my country, particularly women, have remarkable determination to face a crisis. They don't look at themselves as victims. Instead, they adapt and try to create change, and find a solution that enables them to live a better life.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Yemen (PDF, 2.3MB)

In 2014-15 Oxfam helped:

people in

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