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Syria Crisis Appeal – latest blogs

Get the latest information about the Syria crisis and reports on Oxfam's work with refugees fleeing violence in Syria.

Latest blogs on the Syria crisis

NGOs and faith groups to Obama & Putin: Hope is crumbling on your watch, save Syria’s ceasefire

More than 80 NGOs and faith groups have written an open letter to US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Reaction: Agencies criticise rich countries' failure to resettle more Syrians

Oxfam, Save the Children and Norwegian Refugee Council criticised the deeply disappointing outcome of today's international pledging conference for resettlement of refugees fleeing the ongoing... Read more

Syria crisis: "How many more children…?"

Only 1.39 per cent of Syrian refugeesa are resettled by rich countries. Joelle Bassoul shares the story of a family living in a suburb of Amman in Jordan, waiting to be resettled in the US.

Rich countries have resettled a tiny fraction of Syrian refugees - UK set to take just over a fifth of its fair share

Rich countries have resettled only 1.39 percent of the nearly five million Syrian refugees, a fraction of the 10 percent of people who need to be urgently offered a safe haven. As states meet in... Read more

The human dimension: Greece's escalating humanitarian crisis

ON THE GROUND REFLECTION: At every EU migration summit in recent months, border security has trumped the safety and wellbeing of people on the move. This has been causing human misery and... Read more

Syria five years on: hope in the darkness

OPINION: Five years into the Syria conflict, good news has been a rare commodity for millions of people affected by that catastrophic war. Is there any hope? Shaheen Chughtai weighs up the... Read more

Fuelling the fire: Last year was worst for Syrians, world powers must safeguard hope not fan the flames, warn aid agencies

The fifth year of the Syria conflict was the worst yet for people as warring parties have continued to wreak havoc, increasingly blocked aid and placed more communities under siege. Russia, the United... Read more

Leading authors raise £1m for Syria and call on rich countries to do their fair share

On the eve of a major conference on Syria in London, a host of bestselling authors are celebrating the success of Waterstones' Buy Books for Syria campaign which has today hit its target of raising... Read more

Rich countries continue to fail Syrians

Despite the catastrophic scale of suffering and the numbers of people fleeing the conflict, rich countries have given barely half the aid money needed to help people in Syria and surrounding countries... Read more

Reaction to UK announcement to take more unaccompanied child refugees

In response to the  UK government announcement to take more unaccompanied child refugees from Syria and other conflict zones, Kathleen Spencer Chapman of Oxfam said.