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Introducing Oxfam

Poverty isn't inevitable. It's just plain wrong.
Video: Here's a short film that shows how we work

Here’s a short film about what we do.

That's why we fight poverty at its roots...

What does a lift look like?

Last year, we gave goats to 140,000 people worldwide, providing milk, manure and a means to make a living.

In the last 12 months, 760,000 people helped to grow and produce more with simple things like seeds, fertilisers and livestock.

From digging wells in remote rural communities to emergency water systems in refugees camps, every year we make sure thousands of people get clean, life-saving water.

Pencils. School books. Teacher training. Building classrooms. We make sure children get the education they deserve.

Video: Leyla's story

Leyla's story

Helping people like Leyla to put things right. For good.

Speaking out is powerful. It makes the impossible, possible.

So when injustice causes poverty, we stand against it.

Q: How man people supported Oxfam's campaigning in 2011? A: 1 million

Demand lasting global, poverty-ending change. Together.

Video: Join the GROW movement

Oxfam's campaigning on education and health care for the world’s poorest people has gained international support from governments including the UK.

Disasters can be beaten. When they hit, people need help fast.
Video: Oxfam's emergency response

So we're ready around the clock to save and protect people...

So we're ready around the clock to save and protect people...

...staying long after. To help leave life better than before.

Video: From zero to water pump in 60 seconds

...staying long after, leaving life better than before.

We stand against poverty. For humanity.
Run with us. Volunteer with us. Shop with us. Campaign with us. Trek with us. Give with us.

From life-saving emergency responses to life-changing development projects and campaigning, our amazing supporters help make all this possible. There's more vital work to be done, so get involved today. View Flash version

The impact of our work

Volunteer with us

How you're helping lift lives for good.

The impact of our work

Where your money goes

Campaign for change

Not a penny is wasted. Find out how it all breaks down.

Where your money goes

A history of Oxfam

Donate now

The epic story of an extraordinary organisation.

The history of Oxfam

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