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Clean water saves lives. Please help now.


Your £3 could buy a life-saving Oxfam bucket

1 in 4 people drink contaminated water every day. The Oxfam bucket was specially designed to change this. It's a safe and simple way to enable people to collect and store water that won't make them sick.

A monthly donation of £3 could help more families get safe water. It will help save lives. Please help today.

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£3 could make the transportation and storage of water safer for someone in an emergency with Oxfam-designed buckets.

Donate £3

£10could provide a tap, enabling people to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Donate £10

£20which could provide composting toilet, to prevent the spread of disease and give people dignity.

Donate £20

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Oxfam will continue to do whatever it takes to keep the water flowing for clean, healthy, poverty-free lives.

What does it take to get water to ten thousand people in Iraq?

Stories of Hope - toilets change lives in Sierra Leone