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Help to power women in Rwanda out of poverty
– with pig poo!

In Rwanda, 45% of people live in poverty and rely on small-scale farming. There is no gas or electric so women and their children spend hours every day collecting water and firewood which traps them in a cycle of poverty. 

The solution is simple and it all starts with a pig and a biogas digester (a tank that converts organic waste into gas). Pig poo is placed in the digester and the methane is piped into the family's kitchen for cooking.

Biogas has given women like Christine life-changing freedom:

The biogas has a big impact and value... I don't have health problems anymore. I can cook food quickly and easily... My ambition for the future is to have electricity and a water tap at home.

Christine now has time to invest in her businesses and her children can attend school to build successful futures for themselves, passing on progress to a new generation.

Photo: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville

There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this project. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects - wherever the need is greatest.