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One surprising solution to poverty

In Rwanda, families like Delphine’s are trapped in poverty. Today you can provide one surprising solution: PIG POO.


'I would much rather be studying than collecting firewood.' Delphine

Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville / Oxfam

Each day, children like Delphine are scouring the ground for wood for their families to cook with. They are lugging heavy branches while their parents do what they can to get food for the family, and labour over a smoky wood fire to cook it. Worst of all, Delphine does this instead of studying or doing her homework. Because of this, she is failing her exams.

Delphine is trapped in poverty. But, the solution is simple - a new fuel for cooking, made from pig poo. It's incredible that just ten pieces of pig dung can create enough fuel to cook one meal. With a biodigester, the pig poo would be converted into biogas which would then be piped directly into a stove in her home. Families like Delphine's would no longer spend hours looking for firewood and labouring over a smoky fire.

The family would be free to learn, and to earn their way out of poverty, for good.

Provide one simple solution. Give today and families can create biogas from pig poo.

£ Donate now 

‘The biogas has a big impact and value. My ambition for the future is to have electricity and a water tap at home and an electric tailoring machine for my business.’ Christine has taken leaps and bounds since we installed her biodigester. 

Quick, efficient cooking

No harmful smoke

More time for studies

More time for earning

Income from breeding and selling pigs

Produces fertiliser for crops

More food for families

Children have a childhood

Every gift will help to start a cycle of progress for more families in Rwanda.