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Give As You Live

Take Oxfam shopping with you!

Donating to Oxfam doesn’t have to cost you a penny. With Give As You Live, every time you buy from selected online retailers, they’ll make a donation to Oxfam – at no extra cost to you! It’s win-win, and then some. Please sign up and download Give As You Live now to help fight poverty. 

A small selection of the thousands of participating retailers...

Frequently asked questions

How much would Oxfam get?

The value varies depending depending on the stores you use, but here's an example of how it could work:

The average household weekly shop is £70.10.** If you shopped online at Tesco or Sainsburys, Oxfam would receive 5% or 3% of your bill respectively. So your weekly shop could raise £3.50 for Oxfam and help us change lives - and it doesn't cost you a single penny more!

Will I pay more for my shopping if I use Give as you Live?

No. Give as you Live works by using partner's affiliate schemes. The upshot is that Oxfam benefits at no extra cost to you.

Are Oxfam recommending particular retailers or encouraging people to shop more?

No. Oxfam is not endorsing certain retailers or encouraging people to shop more. We recognise that supporters are also consumers and Give as you Live provides an opportunity to turn everyday shopping into funds for Oxfam. We do not work directly with the retailers- instead we have a relationship with Give as you Live.

Where can I find out more about Give as you Live?

The Give as you Live website has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page.

**Source: Mail Online.