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Bloggers against poverty

You and your readers can make a difference.


Thank you for supporting Bloggers Against Poverty

Oxfam is a movement of millions of people, all working towards one goal - an end to poverty for everyone. We can take on the big issues that keep people poor - like inequality, hunger and climate change - if we each play our part, however small it may feel.

Last year, Oxfam transformed the lives of 11.8 million people. It all starts with people just like you.

By blogging against poverty you will raise awareness of these important issues. Giving a regular monthly gift can change people's lives, for example, chilli farming in Bangladesh has helped Joygun and her family out of poverty. You and your readers can make a difference.

Oxfam is empowering people, like Joygun, to help themselves out of poverty. You will be supported with all the information you need to write informative, compelling and genuine articles about issues related to your blog. We will provide case studies about food, drink, fashion, family and education.

You will be given a 'bloggers against poverty' badge to wear with pride, and we will provide exclusive and detailed assets for your blogs. We ask that you link to Oxfam's regular giving page - - where possible, as these funds are vital to our work.


"Since we've been growing chillies we've been suffering less during the flood. We sell them and we can save money - that money I can use to spend on food and clothes for my children, and also on school for my daughter. The money goes towards the family and eating better food . We're living a better life and I feel good about that." - Joygun Islam, Bangladesh.

Credit: Rachel Corner

Welcome to the community

Your help will spread the message that 'we won't live with poverty,' and reach as many people as possible. We are providing you with an exclusive set of assets, which will be renewed on a regular basis. These will help you write your own informative blog post. These include:

  • Fact sheets for each blogging category.
    Food, drink, family, education and fashion are the initial blog categories we are focussing on. These entail detailed information on how Oxfam help people out of poverty, including specific case studies and quotes from beneficiaries.
  • Real-life images of the case studies.
    So you and your readers can see the people who have directly benefited from Oxfam's initiative and responses.
  • What a regular donation can do.
    The fact sheets have a section that addresses this question for each category.
  • Infographic segment.
    You will receive a section of the infographic related to your blog category that summarises the key issues related to your niche. i.e. if you are a food blogger, you will receive the section of an infographic that is directly related to food poverty and how Oxfam helps.
  • Facts and figures.
    To help you write your own informative and compelling piece on your chose product(s) from the Oxfam Unwrapped range.
  • Social media guidelines.
    Including details on what to tag and when.
  • A community email address.
    To use should you want to get in touch regarding this project.

Useful assets

Download the Oxfam Bloggers Against Poverty badge and display it on your site.

Download the badge



Photo: Eleanor Farmer / Oxfam

Credit the photographers

Please ensure you credit the photographer when you use an image. Photographer names can be found underneath each image or in the properties of the picture if you right-click on them once downloaded.

Social media sharing

Here we want to give you a heads up on how to best promote your post once it's live. We cannot guarantee that the Oxfam Social team will retweet / engage with every single post, but they are looking out for your tags and will do their best.

Once your post is live, feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter and tag as below:

Contact information

An agency called 'Click Consult' are leading on this for Oxfam, you can contact them at for further information or to join the campaign, if you have received this link.