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From Nigeria to Denmark, bloggers are stepping up to challenge tax avoidance! For too long, a lion's share of wealth and power has gone to those at the top, allowing them to write the rules of the game in their favour, and increasing the burden on those can't afford it. Dive in to Tax Justice Blogging Day, and help shape the debate on how we close the widening gap between the richest and the rest.

This day of mass action has been coordinated by over 20 organisations across Europe and the Global South, as part of the EU project Tax Justice Together project. Explore the stories and visions of our local tax justice campaigners here in the UK, and delve into the global discussion.

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UK campaigners bring on the fight

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Another bad Apple and the race to the bottom

By Anne Ryan - Oxfam Constituency Campaigner  At a time when the European Commission has just ordered Apple to repay €13 billion over a 'sweetheart' tax deal, how long must it take for governments to take action on tax loopholes?... Read more

Tax avoidance and our (very) interesting times

By Malcolm Burgess, Oxfam Constituency Campaigner

Why I campaign on tax

By Isobel Templer - Nottingham Oxfam Society My name is Isobel, and I've been volunteering with the Oxfam Nottingham Society for the past four years.  I can't imagine a world where I don't have... Read more

If these practices are legal then the loophole needs to be closed

Beth Parker - Local Oxfam Campaigner  "I have always paid my taxes:  as an employee and as a car owner. I believe everyone should pay their taxes in full and on time. I believe it is completely wrong... Read more

Tax justice tour 2016

As we all know, tax dodging is a global problem, and to solve a global problem we need a global movement. In April 2016 activists from across the world toured across Europe to share their stories and show how we can build this movement together. Follow their journeys to see how they are taking on the rigged tax system that makes it possible for companies to dodge billions of pounds of tax in developing countries every year.

If we work together then together we can win, regardless where you come from, regardless the language you are using. ... But if we are speaking one language and I know we are speaking one language about tax justice, we are going to make a difference and we are going to make sure that these people pay their taxes were it is due.

Cecilia Mulenga - Tax Tour Activist, Zambia

Tax justice tour