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Festival Campaigners FAQs

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit ?

    The deposit secures your campaigning place at a festival. We realise that in some cases this is a large sum of money, but we do need to take a deposit as a bond for someone's place to ensure that the campaigners who apply for each festival turn up and complete their shifts. Otherwise we incur the additional cost of finding a replacement campaigner, putting the amount of funding we raise at risk. Your place is therefore not secure until you have paid the full deposit for the festivals you have selected at the end of the application process.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit for every festival I want to campaign at ?

    There is no one fixed deposit price for all festivals and the amount you pay will depend on which festivals you apply for.

    Each festival has its own associated deposit amount which is matched to the price of the ticket at that festival. The amounts for each festival will be displayed on our website.

    Therefore, the maximum amount you will pay in one campaigning season is that of the most expensive festival you have applied for. Please note, the total deposit paid will be held until your last festival of the season and cannot be refunded in partial amounts.

    If you are in extreme finical crisis or struggling to pay a deposit - you can put forward a case to have your deposit waived - Please email and request a deposit waived form and your application will be reviewed by the Festivals Manager.

  • Can I reserve my place and pay my deposit at a later date ?

    I'm afraid there is not a facility for us to accept applications without a deposit. Your deposit is essential to secure your place at your chosen festival. For information about why we require your deposit, please see the question above 'Why do I have to pay a deposit?'

  • Can I pay for my friends ?

    Yes, you can pay for your friends. Each application must have a separate deposit of the full amount linked with it.

    Please be aware that you are liable for any deposits you pay for your friend so if they cancel their campaigning place after the cancellation date, or do not show for their shifts onsite, you will not be refunded their deposit and so will need to secure the money from them.

    Please note; fraud prevention systems mean you may not be able to pay two application deposits on the same card in close proximity. We recommend you wait for a short time between payments - if you do not the payment may fail and you will have to try again later on.

  • I need to get a friend or family member to pay my deposit, how can I do this ?

    You can pay your deposit with another person's card but you must get permission from the cardholder.

  • My deposit payment was not authorised, how do I return to the payments page ?

    In most instances, you should be able to attempt to pay your deposit again if it failed, by clicking 'pay deposit'. If you are still having problems after this, and have checked you have the correct funds and have entered all the details correctly, please call 0300 200 1266. If the festival/s that you wanted to apply to are full, then I'm afraid there is nothing we can do.

  • Can I donate my deposit to Oxfam ?

    Yes - You can select to donate some or all of your deposit. The amount you select will be deducted before your deposit is returned to you after your final festival of the season.

    If any deductions are taken from your deposit, such as administration fees or purchase of festivals merchandise, your donation amount may need to be reduced if there are not sufficient deposit funds remaining.

    Please note you cannot decrease your donation after the 7 days cooling off period even if you cancel all your festivals.

    Can I increase a donation from deposit?

    Yes, you can increase your donation before it is refunded, by contacting us at or 0300 200 1266.