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Festival Campaigners FAQs

  • What does a Festival Campaigner do ?

    The Festival Campaigner role involves engaging people in the work of Oxfam. We want you to lift people out of poverty by taking our campaign out to the crowds and bringing it alive! You'll be talking to festival-goers all over the site and encouraging them to take part in creative and thought-provoking activities. To be a success in this role, we need people who are enthusiastic, who have experience of communicating with others and who will brave any weather condition to get out there and engage with festival-goers.

  • How many hours will I have to volunteer ?

    Festival Campaigners will be expected to complete four shifts, each shift lasting around six hours, and you'll get a break for lunch. Shifts may involve several different activities to keep them interesting.

  • Can I change my shift time ?

    As all campaigners work the same shift times so changing shift time is not possible. If you have any problem with being able to complete your shift you will need to talk directly to the Oxfam Campaigns staff onsite as soon as possible.

  • Can I do my shifts with my friends ?

    Festival Campaigning places are allocated according to whether you meet the selection criteria. There is no guarantee that because you have a place, your friend will also have one, so please be prepared to be working with people that you don't know. We work in small groups decided onsite and we mix these up over the week so you'll be working with lots of different people.

  • Do I need to wear a specific uniform ?

    Campaigners will be asked to wear an Oxfam t-shirt, which we will provide. You will sign out your t-shirt during training and sign it back in once you have completed all your shifts - Please note this t-shirt is your responsibility for the duration and if you lose it - you will need to tell us onsite and you may lose some of your deposit to cover the cost of a replacement.

    Apart from that, you will need to bring practical clothes to suit different times of day and weather conditions. Sturdy shoes and a waterproof coat are essential! Please see question 'What do I need to bring?' in the Camping at Festivals FAQ section for more advice on suitable clothing.

  • May I leave the festival site early ?

    You must be available until the end of your last shift on Sunday evening, as per the campaigning dates you agree to on the application form when you apply. You may leave site after this providing there are no restriction on traffic or gates imposed by the festival - you can check this at the Oxbox onsite.