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South Africa: HIV and AIDS project


Who will benefit?

300 households affected by HIV and AIDS will receive home visits providing support, care and food

100 men will receive training on sexual violence prevention

South African women are disproportionately affected by high levels of HIV. That's why, with your support, we're working to promote women's rights and change attitudes that condone sexual violence.

South Africa is among the countries worst affected by the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Women and girls are the main carers for people suffering from AIDS, but because of widespread violence and sexual abuse, they are also disproportionately vulnerable to infection themselves. With your help, Oxfam will provide care to people living with HIV and AIDS, train volunteers to campaign for better health services, involve men in reducing sexual violence and HIV transmission, and promote women's rights.

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About the project

Oxfam's established partners in this project are working to reduce the spread of HIV and support people living with the disease in Free State and Gauteng provinces. Sexual violence and HIV infection are linked. Women - who experience higher infection rates in South Africa - are much less vulnerable when instances of violence are reduced and women are empowered. The project therefore mainly focuses on promoting women's rights and changing attitudes that condone sexual violence.

How we are helping

My carer helps me a lot. She is my sister. She is my mother. My friend. My everything. I hope for [Oxfam partner] Let Us Grow to grow to help not only me alone, but many of us.

    Anna Mohapi, home-based care patient

Project aims

  • Empower women and girls to protect themselves against HIV and AIDS by helping them to understand their rights, and by supporting them to lobby for policy changes at local and national levels.

  • Ensuring vulnerable people living with HIV and AIDS receive the care they need.

  • Challenge traditional norms about women being the primary carers by involving men in treatment and support activities, and actively debating attitudes with respect to women's role in the community.

  • Improve understanding of the links between violence against women, poverty and HIV and AIDS, publishing research that will inform practice and bring about lasting change.

Provide home-based care for a year - £1,825Raise 200 men's awareness of violence against women - £8,000

Inspired to make a difference?

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By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards helping prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among women and children in South Africa. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

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Individual donors:

Chelsea Birkby -
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Trusts and Foundations:

Julian Kosh - 
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Inma Andres -
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If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
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