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Yemen: Legal support to poor women

Women prisoners at Al-Mansaura Prison in Aden. There are around 1,000 women imprisoned in Yemen, most cases are because of adultery, the majority of these women are between 14 and 20. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith

Who will benefit?

3,200 women and men will benefit from legal representation, counselling and awareness raising

Many more vulnerable women will know their rights and benefit from a growing acceptance of women's rights

Life is hard for women in Yemen, especially those from poor rural areas. With your support, Oxfam is providing counselling and legal support to help women secure fair treatment and claim their rights.

Traditionally in Yemen, women have a lower status than men. They face widespread discrimination and are often denied their legally recognised rights. As a result, domestic violence, sexual harassment and forced marriages are rife. Women can be imprisoned for "moral crimes" including just being seen alone with a man. This project will help increase women's awareness of their rights, make it easier for them to obtain legal aid and support, and strengthen the role of legal organisations in making continued progress in the field of gender equality.

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About the project

Oxfam has been supporting women in Yemen since 2002. Our partners - Yemeni Women's Union (YWU) and the Lawyers' Syndicate - provide direct legal and counselling support to women in need . They also document cases to push for change in discriminatory laws and attitudes within legal institutions. Now in its final year, this project will provide additional support for our partners to help them become more effective in providing sustainable legal support and counselling, and raising awareness of women's legal rights.

How we are helping

The look I see in the faces of the women I give legal aid to gives me and my team the motivation to work harder.

    Huda Ahmed, YWU project co-ordinator in Hodiedah

Project aims

  • Offer free legal support and counselling to women who have suffered discrimination.

  • Help to change attitudes towards women within communities and raise awareness of women's legal rights among police, prison authorities and judges.

  • Secure free legal advice by encouraging new law school graduates to volunteer with YWU.

  • Provide additional support YWU and develop plans to expand their future service and was to fund legal aid provision.

Conduct 200 visits to prisons - £1,136Provide legal support in court to 124 women - £11,694

Inspired to make a difference?

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By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards helping protect vulnerable women in Yemen through legal support. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

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