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Our achievements in 2013/2014

22 projects in 19 countries

£3.8 million spent tackling poverty and suffering

302,883 direct beneficiaries

Providing safe water

160,320 people can now access clean, safe water close to their homes and understand how good hygiene practices can improve their lives.

Improving food security

26,700 people have better access to food supplies throughout the year, thanks to new farming techniques, tools and seeds, as well as the establishment of seed banks and animal care.

Strengthening livelihoods

10,195 people have been directly supported to grow more food, develop their own businesses and have better access to healthcare, while 79,200 have been supported indirectly.

Empowering women

12,450 people have become more aware of women's rights, as well as received support and training to start their own business or co-operative.

Improving education

62,218 students are getting a better education through improved teaching practices, school infrastructure and resources.