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Turkana photography exhibition

Thank you for visiting Turkana. This highly anticipated exhibition by Sony World Photographer of the Year, Alejandro Chaskielberg. The collection was created in support of GROW, a movement of people campaigning for a world where everyone always has enough to eat.

View the exhibition brochure (544KB PDF)

Alejandro, who recently travelled to Turkana, documents life in one of the world's poorest communities using the light of the full-moon and long-time exposures to create an extraordinary collection of images.

For the past 40 years, Oxfam has been working in Turkana, north-west Kenya, to support people who have been let down by the global food system. Oxfam's gardening and fishing projects are making a big difference as the people of Turkana emerge from the worst drought in decades. With their pastoralist way of life under threat, people here are trying to find new ways to feed their families. But there's so much more that can be done.

Video: Alejandro Chaskielberg in Turkana

"The work Oxfam is doing is so important. It's giving people the tools they need to rise to challenges most of us will never have to face." Alejandro Chaskielberg

How you can help

The people of Turkana desperately need a reliable water supply. Without it, they will struggle to stay healthy and keep the animals they rely on for food and income alive. With your support we can make a big, life-saving difference:

£5,417 can repair one broken water point

£7,917 can build a well and hand pumping system

£12,821 can drill a deep borehole and install a solar pump

Alejandro Chaskielberg's photographs from Turkana