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Find out what your donation can do with Stories of Hope



Have you ever wondered what your donation has done to help someone? Are you convinced your £2.50 won't make much of an impact on someone's life? 

Well, £2.50 can do a lot. It can provide 25 water treatment sachets for a family in an emergency. Double it to £5, and you could help provide soap to keep people clean and protect themselves from life-threatening diseases such as cholera. Set up a £7.50 direct debit donation, and you could provide both of these life-changing packs every month.

Our Stories of Hope eBook shares the stories of seven people who have found a way to change their lives and build a brighter future - all thanks to your donations. If you ever needed a reason to set up your monthly donation to Oxfam, let their incredible stories be it.

Kitabe has worked hard to make her farm a success and provide for her family, Aline has learnt new skills she uses in a bakery in her refugee camp, and Qassim has used Oxfam funds and his barbering skills to rebuild his home and business. The stories in this eBook are brimming with hope thanks to the life-changing donations made every month by people in every corner of the UK. 

With your help, and the small commitment of a monthly donation, Oxfam can continue to help people all over the world and together we show we won't live with poverty.

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