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Meet the team

Ever wondered what the Ops team look like? Just who are the people who put on Trailtrekker, Trailwalker and provide the support and logistics for London Marathon, cycling and emergency challenge events for Oxfam? Now's your chance. You get a free demonstration on how amazing the award winning Oxfam bucket is too. With over 12 unique, life-saving features - you can see why we get a bit obsessed with it!

[Team passion: Sweet and salty popcorn is a must at all of our team meetings.]

Mike Bingham

Job:  Ops Team Manager (job share)

What he does:  Supports Beth in delivering Trailtrekker, Great North Run and other running events, promotional events and preparation sessions. 

Mike is most at home: With a cup of tea and a complicated spreadsheet or out in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

Interesting facts about Mike:  "I play guitar and keyboards in a local band and have a tiny white mark on my stomach that makes my elbow tingle if I scratch it. Anyone else got one of those? Do get in touch if so!"

Oxfam bucket fact: Mike is illustrating the clever base design on the Oxfam bucket which allows air to circulate underneath. This prevents stagnant water where mosquito larvae can breed and cause malaria.

Alex Fraser

Job: Event Ops Exec

What she does:  Organises the Oxfam presence at London Marathon and other running events,  as well as working with the Queens Gurkha Signals to organise  the logistics for Trailwalker. 

Alex is most at home: With a full cafetiere getting creative on our events and travelling the world.

Interesting fact about Alex:  "My poker shark skills were greatly enhanced whilst living in Prague."

Oxfam bucket fact: Yet another clever base design from Oxfam as buckets usually have a little spike on the bottom where they come out of the mould in the factory. These have been rubbed off so they can be carried comfortably on people's heads.

Jen Hyland

Job: Ops Team Manager (Job Share with Mike)

What she does: Supports Alex to deliver Trailwalker, London Marathon, promotional events and preparation sessions. Aim to give the team plenty of opportunity to develop.

Jen is most at home: submerged in water, drinking chai tea or getting lost in spontaneous adventures.

Interesting facts about Jen:  "I'm a twin, love cooking, enjoy travel and want to swim the channel one fine day."

Oxfam bucket fact: The tight fitting lid on the bucket is very special as it keeps water in and germs and dirt out. It allows access through this nifty hole without having to take off the whole lid which helps prevent contamination.

Beth Tibble

Job: Event Ops Exec

What she does: Organises the Oxfam presence at the Great North Run and other marathons, puts together Oxfam Trailtrekker in the Yorkshire Dales, and has fun at various promotional activities.

Beth is most at home: With a book or in a bookshop, organising people or things, and planning my trips abroad!

Interesting facts about Beth:  "I'm a bassoonist, and married to one too!"

Oxfam bucket fact: It has a tap so water can be let out while it is standing upright (no tipping or dipping required) and the tap can be removed for easy storage and transportation.

Could it be you?

We are currently advertising for two Event Support Executives (internship). This role will focus on supporting the delivery of our 100k walking challenge events, Trailwalker and Trailtrekker, and our running events such as London Marathon.   

Apply now and you could join the team!