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Meet our volunteers

From a few spare hours to years of dedication, over 22,000 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are helping to lift lives for good. We are grateful for any time our volunteers are able to give which is why we wanted to feature real volunteers in our new Give A Shift campaign. Find out more about all the volunteers that took part in the slideshow below, or apply to volunteer at your local Oxfam shop here.

Meet our volunteers

Latest volunteering blogs

Somerset based Pottery Group Show Their Support

The North Curry Pottery Group in Somerset raised £152 during their 'Advent Fair' in aid of the Rohingya Appeal.

240 Doughnuts Later...

Enterprising students at The University of Bath arranged a doughnut sale on campus during November to raise funds for the Rohingya Appeal. Following a total sell out (!) the students were very pleased to report that £147 had been raised.

Harvey and Sarah run New York Marathon for Oxfam

With support from their four-legged running partner Bran, Harvey and Sarah from Taunton took part in the New York Marathon in November 2017 to raise funds for Oxfam.