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Inside Oxfam

Thanks to you, we're on the brink of history

It's been 75 years since a small group of passionate people got together in Oxford to discuss how to stop families in Greece going hungry due to a WWII blockade. That evening, Oxfam was founded. Ever since, people like you who won't live with poverty have kept the Oxfam movement growing - and helped millions worldwide to shape futures filled with hope. Now, if we keep working together, an end to extreme poverty is tantalisingly close.

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37% of people living on less than $1.90 per day







Source: World Bank, all incomes adjusted for inflation over time

Over 1 billion fewer people living in extreme poverty since 1990

That means the number of people in extreme poverty fell by more than 50%

Now, if we fight inequality, the World Bank believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030. We do too.

Sources: United Nations, United Nations, World Bank

How you helped beat poverty in 2017

What future for Iraq's children

Odai, aged 15, lost an arm as conflict raged through Iraq. Malak, aged 14, saw her mother and sister killed by a mortar. But despite everything they have experienced, these children are ready to take Iraq forward. The question is, what future will they be able to create?

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Pictures of Hope

Photographer Kieran Doherty travelled to Uganda with Oxfam to show how lives are changing thanks to supporters like you. We'll use his photos to raise more funds and help more people. Here, Kieran reflects on the progress he saw.

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You always go the extra mile

However you support Oxfam, you move us closer to a world without poverty - and that's always worth celebrating. Here, we meet Laura, who is taking on the marathon for Oxfam, while Karen, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's in her thirties, explains why she's determined to make a difference by leaving a gift to Oxfam in her Will.

Read Laura and Karen's story

Oxfam at Glastonbury

Just like Michael Eavis, we believe in people power. For many years, Oxfam and Glastonbury have grown together - inspired by a shared belief that change is always possible.

Read more about Oxfam at Glastonbury

You make us who we are

Earlier this year, we asked one simple question: what's your Oxfam story? Hundreds of people replied, telling us why they're part of the movement to end poverty. These stories make it very clear why so much change has happened in the past 75 years.

Read our supporter stories

£500k in hand luggage? How times have changed ...

It seems unbelievable now. But in 1984, as it became clear how bad the famine was in Ethiopia, our water engineer Paul Sherlock found himself doing just that. We won't take your donations as hand luggage today, but we'll still do whatever is needed to make sure help reaches the world's most vulnerable people.

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More inspirational stories

Give a shift: From an Oxfam shop to tying the knot

Nousha and Henry, now husband and wife, met each other while volunteering in an Oxfam shop one... Read more

The donkey that smiles

Oxfam emergencies expert Duoi Ampilan discusses what motivates him to stay strong in challenging... Read more

How tiger worms transform lives

Previously emergencies expert Duoi Ampilan shared his experiences of fighting cholera in Yemen.... Read more

Working together to end poverty

Bringing hope in disaster

The day my house fell down

Anita KC will never forget the day her house fell down – the day a massive earthquake devastated Nepal. See how Oxfam supporters helped her get through it.

Changing lives with water

He lifts three tons a day

Brian in South Sudan is no stranger to heavy lifting – he shifts three tonnes of water on his bike, every day. Thanks to Oxfam supporters, he now shifts three tonnes of clean, safe water.

Protecting from disease

Puppets saving lives.

Meet Amal, living in Jordan’s Za’atari camp, and find out how puppets are teaching kids who have this escaped violent conflict to protect themselves from disease.

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