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Jo Cox

Like all of you, I'm deeply shocked at the news of the death of our former colleague, Jo Cox. My heart goes out to those of you who knew Jo and are grieving for her and her family.

In the midst of this tragic news, let us remember the amazing contribution Jo made to Oxfam during her career here. Jo, then Jo Leadbeater, joined Oxfam in 2001 and worked for Oxfam and Oxfam International until 2009 in a variety of different roles. As head of Oxfam's Brussels office she spearheaded Oxfam's campaign for trade reform. In 2005 she joined Oxfam GB as head of advocacy - a role based in Oxford, where she met her future husband, Brendan Cox.

Jo was a passionate advocate on humanitarian issues including the conflicts in Darfur and DRC. Her commitment to humanitarian issues led her to become head of humanitarian campaigns for Oxfam International in New York in 2007 for two years.

Tributes to Jo are flooding in, and I know those of you who remember her will want to add to them. Penny Lawrence said "she was an amazingly talented, enthusiastic, inspiring colleague to work with who achieved so much". Penny Fowler remembers her championing family-friendly policies, such as job shares, and as a "brilliant, passionate campaigner".

Max Lawson, who worked closely with her, said, "Jo was a diminutive pocket rocket from the north. She was as a ball of energy, always smiling, full of new ideas, of idealism, of passion. She gave so much to Oxfam.

"She was an inspiring leader, really bringing the best out of all of us, always positive, always believing we could win, and always passionate for change. She was particularly brilliant at bringing huge energy to our campaigning around the desperate humanitarian crisis in Darfur."

The thoughts of all of us must be with her husband, Brendan, and Jo's family at this terrible time.

With best wishes,


Mark Goldring
Chief Executive