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Camping FAQs

  • Are there any restrictions on what I can take on-site ?

    There are items that some festivals restrict both ticket holders and crew from bringing onto site, such as glass bottles or gas canisters. Please check the individual festival's website for more detailed information about restricted items.

    ALL FESTIVALS WILL ENFORCE A NO DRUGS POLICY and anyone caught with illegal or banned substances will be dealt with in line with our terms of reference and drugs policy. This includes nitrous oxide. Please note that if you are evicted from site you receive a denied status and you will lose your entire deposit. Please note the use of e-cigarettes are banned from our marquee and using them whilst in your Oxfam t-shirt constitutes the same as smoking cigarettes on duty.

  • Can I bring a barbeque or have a campfire ?

    Check the website(s) of the festival(s) you are stewarding at to see their fires policy. Most festivals have a complete ban on fires, including barbeques and candle flares, others are ok with off the ground barbeques as long as they are only used for cooking and not piled with wood afterwards. Disposable (on the ground) barbeques are generally banned.

  • Can I bring a gazebo ?

    Gazebos, while being very sociable in one sense, are incredibly anti-social when it comes to taking up tent space. Campsite densities are becoming a real concern at festivals, so while they are not formally banned, they will be heavily discouraged, and you might be asked to take one down if there is no camping space for other people's tents. We often provide our own Oxfam social space with a place for hot drinks and phone charging most often in the form of a marquee.

  • Can I bring my pet with me to the festival ?

    Most festivals are pet-free zones, so please do not bring animals on site. You will not be able to bring a pet into the car park for fear that they may be left in the car. The RSPCA are always on alert at festivals.

  • Do I get fed ?

    You will be given one meal ticket per shift you work, i.e. three meal tickets. These will be redeemable at a specific caterer, generally crew catering provided by either the festival or Oxfam.

    The caterer will be contracted to accept meal tickets for only the specified festival. You cannot use previous meal tickets at anotherfestival and if you try to we will review your volunteer applications for the future.

    We aim to cater for both meat eaters and vegetarians, and we also notify caterers of vegan numbers. However, there may be some events where vegan catering is limited.

  • Do you provide tents ?

    No, you have to bring your own tent, and all the other camping equipment you will need, including a mug, plate, knife and fork etc. as these will not be provided. But there are showers!

  • Can I bring a live-in vehicle ?

    A live-in vehicle pass allows you to bring your campervan or caravan into the Oxfield.

    To qualify, your vehicle MUST have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles. This does not mean simply a van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed, and a bucket for washing!

    Space for live-in vehicles is very limited at most of our festivals, so you may not have space for awnings, patio furniture, picket fences, etc, beside your vehicle.

    Where space for an awning is available, fire regulations demand is it purpose built for attaching to a vehicle. Under no circumstances may regular tents be erected beside your vehicle.

    If you wish to park up beside a friend's van, please try to coordinate your arrival with them, so we can fill pitches in an orderly manner.

    Any unsuitable vehicles, including unconverted vans, will be refused entry to the campsite, and will have to be parked in the carpark. Most festivals have a strict policy against sleeping in vehicles in the carpark.

    Once your live-in vehicle is on-site, it must remain static for the duration of the event, so please insure you do your shopping before you get to the festival.

    Please note that we can't provide an electric hook-up, and that use of generators is not permitted in our campsite.

  • If I don't camp in the Oxfam camping area can I still use the facilities there ?

    You should not camp anywhere but the Oxfam camping area. We take great efforts to keep the Oxfield as secure and comfortable as possible and we would encourage you to use the field provided.

    In addition to this, many festivals do not have space in public camping for crew and staff, so we are specifically told that we are not allowed to camp in the public campsite.

    You will not be allowed to bring your friends into our campsite space unless they are working at that festival for Oxfam. If you feel there are extenuating circumstances, then please email and we will look at your request on a case by case basis.

    You must also tidy up after yourself as Oxfam pride ourselves on leaving no trace in our campsites. Volunteers who leave behind a mess may have their applications reviewed in the future and may face a fine from their deposit.

  • Is there a limit on the camping space ?

    Festivals allocate us spaces based on the number of volunteers we have agreed in advance so there are limitations on our camping space, please only bring the size of tent that you really need and, if possible, share with your friends. Stewards who arrive late generally have a difficult time finding somewhere to camp, so please be considerate and don't take up too much space. Please note if we think you are taking up unnecessary space you may be asked to move or we may ask you use one of our emergency (smaller) tents instead. Camping in the live-in vehicle allocated spaces and in the fire lines are prohibited.

  • What do I need to bring ?

    Make sure you have clothes suitable for both extremes of weather. We recommend always bringing a raincoat, wellington boots and a warm jumper as well as  a sunhat and sunscreen. We will provide legionnaires caps, water, ponchos, earplugs and suncream where needed. Essentially, be prepared for the best and the worst weather during the same shift. And bring spare socks!

    Bring some good footwear. You need good solid shoes, boots or wellies to wear on shift, as flip flops, open toed shoes and high heels are prohibited.  Remember if you're on a shift that starts at 2pm, it will be very cold by 10pm when it finishes. Do not take sleeping bags, chairs or blankets on shift with you. Information for those who need a chair for medical reasons.