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Training FAQs

  • What steward training is available and is it essential for me to attend ?

    Stewards need to be trained every four years by attending a 3 hour full session. This is because Festival organisers and a number of local licensing authorities require us to provide event stewards who are trained to a minimum standard.

    It is compulsory for all first- time Oxfam stewards and previous Oxfam Stewards who've not attended an Oxfam training session in the last four years to attend one.

    Dates for these sessions are available on the festival application form, please make sure you select one as you will not be allowed to steward unless you have been trained.

    Please make sure you book yourself onto a training session that is before your first festival, and that you can make arrangements to get to and from the training session.

    Please note: all training sessions are three hours in duration. Please ensure you arrive 15 - 30 minutes before the session is due to start.

  • I'm a previous steward but have not attended training before, do I still need to attend ?

    Yes. If you have stewarded before but did not attend training in the last four years, it is essential as mentioned in the above question for you to train this year so that you are fully equipped for your stewarding role. Nobody is exempt from this and if you do not attend a session you will not be allowed to volunteer with us as a steward.

  • Can I book onto a training session even if I have attended training in the last four years ?

    Training is only compulsory for new stewards and stewards who have not attended training in the past four years.

    If you have up to date training you do not need to book onto a training place this year. We appreciate that some stewards may feel more confident if they are able to attend a refresher course, if this is the case please contact the office on 0300 200 1266 and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

  • What if I've booked training but now cannot attend ?

    If you have booked a place at training and can no longer attend, please see if there is an alternative training session which is convenient. You won't be able to change this yourself so you will need to email us at with the session you are booked on and the session you wish to change to. There is no charge for this, providing the new session you wish to book isn't full and you have given us at least 7 days notice.

    If you swap to another training session at least 7 days before your original training session, there will be no admin fee and your stewarding place will not be affected, as we hope to be able to fill your training space with another steward.

    If you can't make it to training within 7 days of the date because of illness, or some other unavoidable complication, you must let us know, and if you provide a valid sick note or other documentary evidence we will consider your case regarding charging you an admin fee.

    If you have booked a place at training and do not attend without contacting us to let us know, an admin fee of £20 will be applied and we may cancel your stewarding place. You must tell us if you cannot go to the session you have booked and we can then discuss alternative arrangements for you.

  • I can’t get to a training session but my friend has attended, can they pass the training onto me?

    No. For festival legislation purposes every Oxfam steward must attend a full training session every four years themselves, we therefore can't accept a friend or relation to tell you about it.

  • Where are the training sessions taking place ?

    Oxfam steward training sessions are provided at many different locations across the UK each year. Please note Oxfam doesn't pay or reimburse any travel costs for our stewards so try to pick locations that are easy and cost effective to get to, making sure you have enough time to arrive. 

    All sessions last around 3 hours. Please ensure you arrive 15 - 30 minutes before the session is due to start and you must make sure you sign your name on the register for our records and we will not accept people leaving early as you may miss vital information.

    After you have booked a training session, you will be contacted around 10 days before your training sessions with specific details of the session you booked onto including the address, directions of how to get there and any other information about the training session.

    If you have not received any email a week before your training then please contact us on 0300 200 1266 and we can check where the email was sent and if you are definitely booked onto that course. 

  • I'm not booked onto a training session, but my friend is going to one, can I just turn up with them ?

    No, please do not attend a training session if you have not booked a place, as numbers are limited and your name will not be on the register as we wouldn't be expecting you.

  • Can I get a lift with other stewards to the training?

    Other stewards may be travelling to the same training session, and able to lift share. You can use the Liftshare group to arrange lifts to destinations not on the suggested list by ticking 'Enter a location' and filling in the address, street or town.

    You can also use this option to offer lifts to a training session you are attending.

  • What if I live outside the UK ?

    We understand it may be hard to attend a training session if you live outside the UK so we have a select number of online sessions for people with extenuating circumstances. To find out more please email for further details or call us from abroad on +441865472614 during office hours .