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Plans, reports and policies

As an organisation, Oxfam is committed to openness and transparency.

It is vitally important to us that we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and host governments. The documents on this page will help you understand the following:

  • The vision and values that guide what we do and how we do it.
  • The standards and benchmarks we measure ourselves and others against.
  • Progress we've made and lessons we've learned.

Open Information and Oxfam

Kieran Doherty

Quick links

Oxfam Annual Report & Accounts

Oxfam International Strategic Plan 2013-19 (PDF 584KB)

Statement of legitimacy and accountability

If you're looking for Oxfam's extensive library of publications, research and policy, please visit our Policy & Practice website.

Governance - how we are run

Oxfam's Council of trustees

The trustees of Oxfam have ultimate responsibility in law for the charity, its assets and activities. They form the Council of trustees, which is the governing body of Oxfam. They are appointed because of their commitment to Oxfam and their outstanding experience and skills. The Council meets approximately seven times a year.

Meet Oxfam's trustees

Council minutes

Oxfam's constitution

Sets out the work and activities we can and cannot do according to our charitable mandate. 

Oxfam's constitution 

Our standards and policies - how we work

Oxfam's open information policy

We are committed to being transparent about our work and accountable to beneficiaries, donors and partners.

Our partners

We work with others to achieve our goals, but we choose our partners carefully and expect of them the same rigorous standards we apply to ourselves. 

Learning and evaluation

We are strongly committed to strengthening our ability to capture and communicate our effectiveness, in order to learn what does and does not work in our efforts to overcome poverty.

Evaluation guides and policies

Your right to complain

If you think we're doing something wrong, we will take it seriously. A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action by Oxfam, and  our Complaints Policy will tell you how to make one.  

Our plans and reports

Annual report and accounts

In-depth reports detailing how we've performed against our objectives, our income and expenditure. 

Download the latest annual report and accounts (PDF 1.2MB)

Previous reports

Strategic plan

The Strategic plan outlines the key priorities for the next three years, based on our understanding of how the world is changing for poor people and how we believe we should respond.

Oxfam International Strategic Plan 2013-19 (PDF 584KB)

Previous plans

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