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A healthy start

Niger: A healthy start.

Thank you for your continued support to our project in Niger, fighting malnutrition by improving water, sanitation and hygiene conditions. Oxfam has been working across rural Niger, focusing on rehabilitating and improving twenty health centres that help over 12,000 families.

Dagada Treatment Centre

Since the project began, Oxfam has installed two water tanks at the centre, created a laundry area, built toilets and trained both a hygienist cleaner and several community health leaders

Meet Harouna Ahmadou

Harouna is a nurse at the Dagada Treatment centre where Oxfam has helped to improve conditions.

"Before the installation of the water here, women had to bring water with them on their heads, to accompany pregnant women. Now we have a safe clean supply.

As well as accessing a clean water supply for the community, the project in Niger has helped improve standards of living in the long term: 

"Oxfam trained the health workers, the hygienists and the community health leaders. The hygienist cleans everything so there's less contamination. Before...we, the nurses, had to clean everything ourselves. Now that we have a hygienist we have more time to treat the patients instead.

There are now fewer cases of diarrhoea. Nurses like Harouna have reported a total change in the attitude of parents towards hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.

Photo: Abby Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Nurse Harouna Ahmadou at the Dagada Treatment Centre.

Meet Mariama and Zouera

Mariama and her daughter Zouera recently sought help at the Dagada Treatment Centre when Zouera became sick. 

"I came here because of malnutrition, I think it is caused by her teething... I came here to get injections, pills and syrup."

Mariama is one of thousands of parents that has been supported by Oxfam in rural Niger. Thank you for being a part of this project and helping parents and children like Mariama and Zouera.

"I must feed her correctly with good nutritious food, from the garden where I grow vegetables."

Photo: Abby Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Mariama and her daughter Zouera wait to be treated at the Dadaga Treatment Centre.

Future plans

Next up in the project, Oxfam is planning to:

  • Continue to help other malnutrition centres and communities to access clean water, equipping them with sanitation facilities.
  • Train up and support local community members to continue spreading the knowledge of how to stay healthy.
  • Broadcast radio messages to reinforce this information and advertise the new facilities available.