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Ogbonge Woman


Are you the next female food hero?

Oxfam in Nigeria is proud to launch the 2016 Female Food Hero 'Ogbonge Woman' award.

This annual award recognizes women small-scale farmers who are demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and best practices despite the numerous challenges they face - climate change impacts and lack of access to land, market, credit and inputs among others. 

Ogbonge Woman will identify and reward the three most outstanding female farmers in Nigeria. The winners will be pronounced Female Food Hero 2016 and receive a cash prize and speaking opportunities at various national and international platforms. 

To apply or nominate a candidate, or to read more about the award, download the nomination form now. Entries must be submitted by 31 July 2016.

Download the 2016 Ogbonge Woman nomination form (PDF):

Download now