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Life-changing work


Life in the remote Nepalese hill village of Dola has been made even tougher in the last few years by unreliable rainfall, rising food prices, and poor harvests. A situation that has pushed already poor families into severe hardship.

But thanks to your donations, we've helped Yema Garti, her village and neighbouring communities in a variety of life-changing ways.

Most importantly, they now have their own water source for the first time…

With Oxfam's support, Yema and her neighbours constructed a reservoir that will help their wheat fields and vegetable gardens to grow.

In such remote and difficult terrain finding a regular source of water has been challenging. But the new reservoirs and pipelines will help to capture and store any rainfall and feed water to fields and allotments.

We have also helped the villagers to build a seed bank...

Here they can store the hardy, drought-resistant seeds we provided. Thanks to your help, families can now grow food all year round.

"I managed to grow wheat this year, using the improved seeds we received. And once the irrigation system is finished, I will have enough to feed my family for the whole year." Yema

The impact of our work