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The fight against HIV and AIDS in rural Mozambique


"HIV and AIDS is an emergency. It's the tsunami of Mozambique. To conquer it we have to apply the same level of urgency and intensity that we would to any other humanitarian disaster."

HIV and AIDS Programme Manager, Oxfam.

Our home-based carers


Nhararai Janissone,
(Home-based carer trained by Oxfam.) 

"My work gives me the opportunity to prevent other people from dying before their time. I feel proud that I can help them to extend their lives through treatment.

Oxfam have given me a bicycle so that I can get about and do my work as a counsellor. I like to have special transportation so that everyone knows that I am working for Oxfam. And I can go far away to the most remote areas.

This work is very important. I will not stop. I will not give up."


Fernanda Joaquim
(Age 30, she visits her patients on her Oxfam bicycle.)

"Oxfam gave me my bicycle. My niece helped me to pedal by myself. I was very wobbly at first, but three days later, I was an expert.

It makes me feel good to know that I am helping people in need. When a patient is not living with anyone who can help them. We fetch water for them, bathe them and cook for them."

Our goal

Oxfam's goal is to reduce and ultimately halt the spread of HIV and AIDS in Mozambique and to mitigate the impact on those infected and affected.  Our work is located in the districts of Mossurize and Machaze, Manica province, in Central Mozambique, remote and isolated rural communities scarred by the effects of a long civil war.

We have been training home-based carers using an intensive two week training course which enables them to counsel and care for hundreds of people in the area and encourage them to come forward for testing so they can enter the treatment system.

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