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Crisis up close

Mugunga 1 camp is home to thousands of families fleeing ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to supporters like you, Oxfam is there providing clean water and basic sanitation for vulnerable men, women and children. Every day, we provide up to 150,000 litres of water - enough for thousands of families.


Video: Oxfam's Louis Belanger reports from the camp


Video: images from Mugunga 1 camp, DRC


Clean water

In emergency situations we aim to provide every person with 15 litres of water per day – the minimum needed for drinking, cooking and washing.



We have laid metre after metre of pipeline to ensure water reaches the men, women and children who need it.



Toilets, tap stands and shower blocks have been installed on-site – exactly the kind of kit your monthly gift can provide. Providing basic sanitation is vital, helping prevent the spread of fatal diseases such as cholera.


Water tanks

Your support means we can ship vital supplies to emergencies all over the world. Our water tanks are the perfect example. Holding up to 90,000 litres of water, they can be constructed by local communities in less than three hours.


Bahati's story

When rebels attacked their village, Bahati Ndobo and his family were forced to flee, joining thousands of others seeking refuge at Mugunga 1. "Where I'm from, there is fighting everywhere. Everyday someone dies," says Bahati. "It's still not safe to go back." So they remain at the camp, where Bahati earns a vital income by helping with Oxfam’s emergency work. "I do daily work for Oxfam, helping to build latrines and showers," he explains. "This is a huge help for me, because the hardest thing is getting enough food to eat."

Crisis close up

Find out more about life in a refugee camp with our interactive guide to a camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of families are seeking refuge here due to conflict. You can hear from Bahati, one of many people who sought refuge at Kibati camp north of Goma. When the spiralling conflict forced families to leave Kibati, many moved on to Mugunga 1. The situation in DRC is desperate, but thanks to supporters like you Oxfam is there, providing clean water, basic sanitation, cash transfers and more.