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A future filled with hope...

The project in Gutu delivers water from a giant reservoir that was built in the 1970s but never used for irrigation. By working together with the local government and the local community, Oxfam is helping to develop an irrigation scheme which brings water from the dam to the plots of land using a simple system of pipes and canals - built by the farmers themselves.

People like Ipaishe, who got involved in the project when it started two years ago, are already seeing an amazing transformation.

 We knew it could be possible to bring the water from the dam, because Oxfam were funding it and we were providing the manual labour. We knew it would be possible and we did it!

Ipaishe Masvingise now grows enough to eat, as well as having plenty left over to share with friends and family

Video: Thank you from Ipaishe

Video: Thank you from Ipaishe

This year, with your support...

80 farmers will earn at least 35% more as they grow more and sell their crops at local markets

20 hectares of land will be cleared and irrigated (that's about the same as 20 football pitches)

25,000 people will benefit from the increased amount of food available in Gutu

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