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Turning tomatoes into houses

Find out how your regular donation has paid for an irrigation system that has transformed lives in Malawi.

The water grew crops...

Tomatoes are the main crop in Mnembo. Last year, the community harvested 106,000 tonnes. Rice and wheat are grown too, providing food all year.

...crops turned into incomes...

The community sells the tomatoes to the Mulanje Peak Foods Canning Factory, who make purée to sell in Malawi's markets. For 400 families, this means a reliable, sustainable income.

 ...incomes built houses.

Today, local families are replacing mud huts with strong, safe brick houses, and they can afford to send their children to school. The community is still poor - but they now have a foundation they can build on. There's now real hope for the future. Thanks to tomatoes. Thanks to water. And thanks to you.

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Turning tomatoes into houses

How Oxfam supporters donations have paid for an irrigation system that transformed lives in Malawi.

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