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Abbie's a mum from Newport, She's wasn't an Oxfam supporter and was a self-confessed charity-sceptic. We took her to Malawi to see if £3 a month really can change lives.

It's obvious how much the Oxfam help is making a difference to these people. They get the seeds and they get the fertiliser. It's inspiring and it's giving them hope.

It can be hard to understand how giving £3 a month to Oxfam can transform people's lives but right now with your donation we can help families support themselves.

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Supporters see how Oxfam works in Kenya to end poverty.

With help from people just like you, Oxfam can transform the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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Oxfam answers your questions

  • Why is Oxfam doing this - what do you hope to achieve?

    We hope 'See For Yourself' will encourage new people to support Oxfam through regular donations, which are vital in ensuring we are able to continue our work to end global poverty. The initiative is also about Oxfam being honest and open about our work and how the money donated to us is spent. We are proud of what we do and what the people we work with achieve. By taking a non-Oxfam supporter we hoped Abbie would ask the questions that the general public want answered and help allay any doubts which may be preventing some people from donating to Oxfam.

  • How did Oxfam recruit the person to go on the trip?

    Prospective candidates were invited (through Facebook adverts) to complete an application form on the Oxfam website between the 6- 14 June. We were specifically looking for a non-Oxfam supporter to take part in this trip so applicants couldn't be a current or previous regular giver to Oxfam. We were not looking for hard sceptics, but we were definitely not looking for people who already think Oxfam is great. We wanted someone who could talk openly and were able to reflect honestly on their experiences. The short-listed candidates were then invited to a casting interview on 21 or 22 June and the successful candidate was informed during the week beginning 25 June.

  • Who paid for Abbie's trip ?

    All costs incurred for Abbie's travel were covered by an anonymous donor. They are very supportive of our fundraising work and wanted to help us attract new regular donors, so this trip was the perfect solution.

  • Aren’t you just sending people on a free holiday?

    Whilst it was an exciting opportunity it was a far cry from a holiday. Travelling to remote places involves a lot of travel and living conditions that are far-off from a comfortable holiday.  We did, of course, ensure everyone who travelled was safe and looked after but it was a challenging journey with ups and downs. Abbie was away from her family for a number of days as well as having to give up time before the trip to publicise the campaign through social media and interviews etc. Abbie also met people whose stories were very sad and sometimes distressing - unlike anything she's likely to have encountered before - so it was really not just a holiday.

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