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Candelit vigil for Syria

Posted by Suzanne Rodrigues Editorial Assistant in Oxfam's Digital Communications Team

28th Mar 2013

You can often find an interesting lunchtime talk to go along to when you're working in Oxfam House. Today's talk was on the Syria Crisis.  One of the things that stood out for me was hearing about the candlelit vigils that happened a couple of weeks ago to mark two years since the start of the crisis. 

The candelit vigils took place in 20 countries around the world and were organised by Save the Children, Oxfam and other partners. Areeg Hegazi, Oxfam's Middle East Policy Adviser, was involved in the vigil that took place in Moustafe Mahmoud Square in Egypt.

"As it was nearing dawn, we started to light up the candles, some of the young men and women started forming the letters 'Syria' in Arabic on the floor.  Syrians in the vigil were touched with the numbers of Egyptians there - and by the opportunity to mark the anniversary while they were so far away from home.  As people drove past the vigil, they shared messages of encouragement, 'inshallaah this would be over soon' and 'you'll go back and reconstruct everything again.'

I was very happy and proud to have supported in organising and participating in the vigil...sending the message to the world, and to the Syrians, that despite of all the difficulties Egypt is passing by, our hearts are aching for our Syrian brothers and sisters."

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Blog post written by Suzanne Rodrigues

Editorial Assistant in Oxfam's Digital Communications Team

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