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How you can use a banana to control the arms trade

16th Apr 2012

Taking action? Tweet us a photo! @OxfamLondonSE #Armstreaty

In 2006, you persuaded 153 governments to begin work on a global Arms Trade Treaty. But the job is not done and there is a real danger that governments agree a treaty that is too weak. We need your help to get negotiations back on track.

You can sign the petition online, but this summer we're also asking you to take the action onto the streets. 

It's easier to trade guns than bananas

It's a sad fact that today, it's easier to trade guns than bananas. Activists across the UK will be writing some 'killer facts' on bananas and surprising the public with some fruity action- if you'd like to join them, then download a supporter pack below or email in for a paper copy. It's Jammed full of all the info and ideas you'll need to make sure a bullet-proof treaty becomes a reality this summer. 

Bananas not your thing? Some clever folks are making paper-chain people to hang in public spaces like stations and parks. Paper people with some shocking statistics written up on them are a powerful visual symbol of people across the world joining hands to call for strong and binding controls on global arms deals. You can see some more photos like this eye-catching banana action to inspire you on our flickr site. Order a supporter pack today and get your creative juices flowing. 

Politicians will be meeting this summer- it's vital that make our voices heard and finish what we started. 

Visit for more information and to sign the petition online. 

You can download the supporter pack and have a look at a Q&A paper on the Arms Trade Treaty (opens as PDF) 

Need a paper copy? Supporter packs can be ordered from your South East regional office by emailing Kat on