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It's action time for Robin Hood

Posted by Ian Sullivan Digital Campaigner

18th May 2012

If Gandhi's chronology of "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" is anything to go by, the Robin Hood Tax campaign is getting close to its goal. When the campaign launched two years ago, the idea of taxing the banks was unimaginable; now it's taken giant leaps towards reality. It's been an amazing two years - and the rest of 2012 is full of opportunity.

And why should we be surprised at the success? With austerity hitting families across the world, with job losses, recession and economic crisis filling the headlines, it's easy to see why people are rallying around a tiny tax on the banks to help at home and abroad. The crisis that was whipped up in bank boardrooms is wrecking ordinary people's lives.

So, that's why we wanted to send a gentle reminder of just how much a Robin Hood Tax could raise. If implemented in the USA and across Europe the tax could raise more than £176 billion pounds a year. That is a phenomenal sum that could be used to help pay off debts, train hundreds of thousands of nurses and teachers, provide green energy, put every child on the planet in school and much more. Share the infographic with your friends and make sure everybody knows just what a good idea this is.

This week supporters from around the world are doing all they can to push Governments to introduce this great idea. But first, here's an update of where we are. Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ethiopia and the African Union all pledged their support for a Robin Hood Tax. The conversation on the tax has moved from if to when - the extraordinary actions of people around the world mean this fight can be won.

This week - as leaders of the world's most industrialised countries meet for the G8 - in Camp David, thousands of nurses will march in Chicago to try to convince President Obama to put the interests of Main Street ahead of the titans of Wall Street. They'll be carrying one simple message: "enough is enough." Their action is just part of the story; campaigners from thirty plus countries will be making a noise online, visiting embassies, and doing all they can to shout about the Robin Hood Tax.

In addition to raising tens of billions to help the world's poorest people, ideas this good don't come along every day. And when they do, they're too powerful to ignore.

Blog post written by Ian Sullivan

Digital Campaigner

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Ian Sullivan