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Bloggers support Birth Rights campaign

Posted by Anna Kroeger Media Assistant, London and the south east

6th Jun 2012

Selina’s two sons meet their baby sister for the first time

Mum bloggers from across South England have been writing about Oxfam's Birth Rights campaign, helping us step by step to ensure women in Ghana receive better maternal health care. Click on the links to their blogs below to see the fantastic work they have been doing.

Every week, around 75 women in Ghana die because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant women in Ghana are now entitled to free health care - a huge step forward, but too many women are still dying because they lack access to qualified care.

An exhibition is currently touring the UK, with photos telling the story of two women's experiences of childbirth in Ghana. We would like to thank Emily, Milly, Lucy, Beky and Liz for supporting the campaign. All mums themselves, they shared the 22 touching photos on their blogs, together with personal thoughts and experiences.

Baby and mother take a moment's rest. After just a couple of hours, they are asked to leave as there is limited space

Here are links to their fantastic contributions:

What childbirth is like in Ghana by Emily, aka Babyrambles
"...All women in Ghana are entitled to free healthcare, however not all of them receive it. Each week around 75 women in Ghana die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth..."

Oxfam Birth Rights exhibition at King's Hospital from 4th May by Milly, aka South Of The River Mum
"...I cannot begin to imagine how terrible it must be for complications to happen in labour and birth which result in your baby dying or suffering brain damage or disability. My heart goes out to all parents who have experienced this terrible pain and loss..."

Oxfam Birth Rights campaign by Lucy, aka Family Affairs and other matters
"...there are many women around the world who don't have the same facilities as we do whilst giving birth. It puts our whale music and birth plans and choices to shame..."

Oxfam Birth Rights Exhibition by Beky, aka We Are Wild Things 
"...however traumatic people may find my experience, I at least had trained professionals, working for free, and I was fortunate enough to even have the option of where to give birth. And, well, dying, I didn't even consider the possibility that I might..."

Oxfam Birth Rights Campaign by Liz, aka Me and my shadow
"...When things didn't go to plan, there was a small army of consultants, nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons on stand-by to perform my emergency c-section. At no time did I EVER feel anything other than safe in their hands. It's not like this everywhere and Oxfam are fighting hard to ensure that mothers stay safe while they give birth..."

If you would like to show the photos on your blog, get in touch with Anna (

Contact Lucy ( to host the exhibition in your community. The 22 photo boards comes with a DVD, petition cards and booklet.

As Selina's contractions intensify, the midwife examines her using the basic equipment available

If you're angry about women in Ghana dying, make sure the British Government knows about it. The UK has pledged to help change situations like this by promising to spend 0.7% of national income on aid from 2013. It's taken 40 years to get this far - we must not falter now. 

Add your voice - show your MP that 0.7% is a promise worth keeping.

Blog post written by Anna Kroeger

Media Assistant, London and the south east

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